I have extensive successful teaching experience including being a teaching assistant in courses on race and sexuality; curriculum development; running my own upper-level course in race, ethnicity, and migration; and supervising a research practicum. I was also selected in a competitive process to be a teaching fellow to instruct teaching assistants and professors on how to lead writing-intensive courses. I have three main principles of teaching and learning. First, I encourage critical reflexivity by helping students to locate their personal experience in historical, institutional, and structural forces. Second, I teach students to evaluate different strategies for making knowledge claims. Third, I emphasize clear communication skills and argumentation.

I am prepared to teach introductory or survey courses on race and ethnicity, immigration, theory, qualitative methods, and political sociology. I also can teach advanced courses on comparative historical methods, race and sociological methods, empire and state-making, comparative ethnicity and nationalism, and social categories, citizenship, and political claims.