“I love this class so much, and I am very sad it is over. Katrina is probably the best teacher I’ve ever had, and she was so helpful all the time—as an instructor and mentor.”

“She was very approachable and extremely dedicated to her students. She cared about making sure you did well & understood the material. Overall I think she was an intelligent and helpful teacher.”

“I liked Katrina because she pushed all students past their own comfortable area. I realized it was for my own benefit to learn and understand.”

Classroom Environment

“I really liked this class. All of the readings were really interesting and class discussions were always thought-provoking. Everyone in the class had different perspectives on the material, and this made class that much more interesting. Katrina is a great professor. She’s really smart and always made me leaving class still thinking about our discussion. One of my favorite classes of my undergraduate education.” 

“Really like how you ran discussion, facilitating when you saw discussion losing its focus and drive, but also letting the students figure it out, talking amongst themselves. Your knowledge on the material made sections very informative and I learned a lot on institutional and structural racism. Overall this class is very difficult, but you did make it easier knowledge-wise on understanding material.”

“Friendly, open approach to teaching and leading discussions made learning much more enjoyable. I’m seriously considering doing sociology and grad school, and that’s quite a feat!”

Course Material and Assignments

“This was one of my favorite courses I’ve taken at UW, and I think arguably, the most important. This class ought to be required for every enrolled student at UW.”

“I liked that she connected each part of the class with current issues and debates, which made the class relevant.” 

“I liked the variety of activities for learning (video clips, talking in groups, discussions…)” 

“I appreciate your challenging us with our writing. It is important to develop writing skills, and I appreciate your help with that.”